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General Information


Greetings Minions. My name is Andrew, or aiolos or aio. I first joined Bravofleet in December 2003. I left in late 2005 and returned in mid 2012 which brings me to today lol.
My interests include reading, writing (obviously), Xbox, PC and PS3 gaming and I am a huge Star Trek fan. The only TV series I dont currently own on DVD is Enterprise.
I am currently at a Polytech here in Rotorua, studying a Diploma in Hospitality Management. This takes up a lot of my time, but fortunately it finishes in a month or so.

I recently graduated from my course with my Diploma in Hospitality.

Characters Played



Characters From Long Ago

These are characters I have played, or wrote, before my hiatus. If bios exist for them somewhere on the interwebs, someone let me know.

  • Lt T'Prae Volarus
    • Asst Chief Conn Officer, USS Rainmaker
  • Lt T'Lars Viesse
    • Chief Operations Officer, USS Tornado
  • Lt T'Pris Boker
    • Strategic Operations Officer, USS Sentinel
  • Commander Xel Morai
    • Commanding Officer, USS Skyrader
  • Commander Valec Tran
    • Commanding Officer, USS Swiftsure
  • Ensign Tallok Grax
    • Assistant Medical Officer, USS Hawking