USS Unification

USS Unification
Class Information
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Nebula Class


Capt. Jacob Lambert


Cmdr. Kestra Amanin

Unique Features

The USS Unification-A is commanded by Captain Jacob Lambert and assigned to Task Force 9.


Diligent Class

The original USS Unification was a Diligent Class starship. One of Captain Lambert's first missions on board the ship was to search for a missing Starfleet vessel, the USS Galavant. This was one of the first vessels to have been lost in what would later be known as the Consortium incident.

During this mission, it encountered the USS Cassiopeia, which was a Nebula class starship. The Cassiopeia was assigned to take lead, over the smaller Diligent class, because of the unknowns around the status of the Galavant.

At some point after meeting up with the Cassiopeia, it was boarded, and a large portion of it's senior staff were killed. They enemies, who were unknown at the time, took over the ship and utilised a computer virus designed from the Galavant’s computer core, locked down the ship and gave the intruders an advantage. This original ship was never found, and when the Unification encountered the Cassiopeia it was adrift when it was boarded.

The Cassiopeia then infected the Unification with the same virus, which took over the ships navigation array, and warp engines, which then set a course for Deep Space 11. The goal of this virus was to use a warp core breach in the atmosphere of DS11, which would destroy not only the orbiting station, but also the ground based part of the base, known as the Compound.

They evacuated the Unification crew to the Cassiopeia and worked to get the ship functional once more. The transporters were locked down, and someone had to remain behind to manually lower the shields. Jacob Lambert had elected to stay behind with his Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Jawhn Benson, a friend of his. Benson then stunned him on the bridge, and beamed him onboard the now maneuverable USS Cassiopeia, and then caused a self destruct, sacrificing himself, but saving all those on Deep Space 11.

Following the loss of the Diligent class Unification, and the loss of almost every bridge officer onboard the Cassiopeia, it was decided by then Rear Admiral Vadosia Adislo, that the Cassiopeia would be reclassified as the USS Unification A, and command of the vessel given to Lambert.

Nebula Class

The Nebula Class USS Unification-A was sent by Vice Admiral Adislo to investigate strange power readings from a planet on the other side of the Finnean Convergence Zone. This was, as it turned out, a ruse on the part of the Admiral. Adislo, being a close friend Captain Lambert, knew that something was coming, and had sent ships like Lamberts out of the immediate area which kept them isolated, and protected. The Unification was out of the area and met by an officer close to Adislo, Commander Jaca Traylor, who along with Adislo had been working behind the scenes for several months.

After the initial ‘Pity is Treason’ the Unification was removed the buoys ability to track ships, and over the course of the first couple of months, engaged Consortium forces around the area, before eventually being used to hide Admiral Adislo.

USS Unification (Nebula Class)
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