Cabin Assignment (Ourea Station)

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This listing contains a comprehensive list of all of the assigned and available quarters aboard Ourea Station.

Each deck contains 6 sections, A, B, C, D, E and F.

Example, Room 11|A|01 is Deck 11, Section A, Cabin 1.

Captain and XO Quarters

Captains Quarters and Executive Officer Quarters are located on Deck 11, Section A.
  • Rooms 11|A|01-16
    • Room 11|A|01 - Capt. Anjad Terax
    • Room 11|A|05 - Cmdr. Kreitenne R'tanya

Senior Officer Quarters

Senior Officer Quarters are located on Deck 11, Sections B, C and D.
  • Rooms 11|C|01-26
    • Room 11|C|14 - Lt. Col. William Christensen-Wright
    • Room 11|C|18 - Lt. Hask Hirrask
    • Room 11|C|23 - Lt. Andromeda Nash
  • Rooms 11|D|01-26
    • Room 11|D|05 - Lt. Orzal Nejim

VIP Guest Quarters

VIP Guest Quarters are located on Deck 11, Section A
  • Rooms 11|A|01-16
    • Room 11|A|16 - Adm. Paka Larem
Ourea Station (Sigma Class)
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