Ourea Station

Ourea Station
Class Information
Assigned System:

Ourea System




Sigma Class


Capt. Solin Edral


Cmdr. Kreitenne R'tanya



Unique Features

Headquarters of Starfleet Forces in the Delta Quadrant.

Grid A2, Delta Quadrant

Ourea Station, or Deep Space 32, is a Sigma Class starbase, in orbit of the Ourea Colony, in the Delta Quadrant. The first Starfleet starbase built in the quadrant, with the previous Starfleet area command being on Kartelan station, which was loaned to Starfleet to use.

Station History

Early Development

Construction of Ourea Station began on February 28 in 2389, just a few months after the Gateway was discovered. After the first task group led by Admiral Paka Larem, arrived in the quadrant along with 5000 or so colonists, Starfleet elected to place a Starbase in orbit of the colony. This would serve two purposes. A line of defence for the colony should any threats be discovered, or indeed rediscovered, and also to be the home of the new sector command headquarters. It was slated to be completed by July of 2390.

Rushed Construction

In August of 2389 the Vaadwaur attacked the gateway and Kartelan Station, collapsing the gateway and destroying the station, Ourea Station became the de facto HQ of Starfleet forces in the Delta Quadrant. Construction was to be rushed, with a new completion date of March 2390. The total complement of a Sigma class starbase is usually around 1400, however with the station under construction, there are currently only around 780 stationed aboard, around 56% of capacity. The remaining complement are currently spread out among the various Delta Quadrant Assets, including the colony below. When construction is complete, they will be recalled and the station will run at it's full capacity.


Crew Manifest
Solin Edral Commanding Officer Bolian Male
Kreitenne R'tanya Executive Officer Barzan Female
William Christensen-Wright Chief Strategic Operations Officer Human Male
Hask Hirrask Chief Science Officer Leporidite Male
Andromeda Nash Chief Medical Officer El-Aurian Female
Orzal Nejim Chief Intelligence Officer Bajoran Male
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Ourea Station (Sigma Class)
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Support Craft Type 9 Shuttle: 4
Type 11 Shuttle 6
Danube Class: 4
Fighters: 8 x Gryphon Class