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<!-- Commandant of the Marine Corps-->
<!-- Commandant of the Marine Corps-->
<div align="center">{{RankGreen|GEN}}<font size="2">Vrabal Rox</font></div>
<div align="center">{{RankGreen|GEN}}<font size="2">Veran Koraz</font></div>
General Vrabal Rox
General Veran Koraz

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Name                     Rank & Name               Species
{{Joint Chiefs|cnc}}     {{Joint Chiefs|cnca}}     {{Joint Chiefs|cncs}}
{{Joint Chiefs|dfco}}    {{Joint Chiefs|dfcoa}}    {{Joint Chiefs|dfcos}}
{{Joint Chiefs|cosos}}   {{Joint Chiefs|cososa}}   {{Joint Chiefs|cososs}}
{{Joint Chiefs|igos}}    {{Joint Chiefs|igosa}}    {{Joint Chiefs|igoss}}
{{Joint Chiefs|sjag}}    {{Joint Chiefs|sjaga}}    {{Joint Chiefs|sjags}}
{{Joint Chiefs|cosops}}  {{Joint Chiefs|cosopsa}}  {{Joint Chiefs|cosopss}}
{{Joint Chiefs|dscomm}}  {{Joint Chiefs|dscomma}}  {{Joint Chiefs|dscomms}}
{{Joint Chiefs|dsce}}    {{Joint Chiefs|dscea}}    {{Joint Chiefs|dsces}}
{{Joint Chiefs|crd}}     {{Joint Chiefs|crda}}     {{Joint Chiefs|crds}}
{{Joint Chiefs|cosso}}   {{Joint Chiefs|cossoa}}   {{Joint Chiefs|cossos}}
{{Joint Chiefs|dsi}}     {{Joint Chiefs|dsia}}     {{Joint Chiefs|dsis}}
{{Joint Chiefs|dia}}     {{Joint Chiefs|diaa}}     {{Joint Chiefs|dias}}
{{Joint Chiefs|ssg}}     {{Joint Chiefs|ssga}}     {{Joint Chiefs|ssgs}}
{{Joint Chiefs|cssci}}   {{Joint Chiefs|csscia}}   {{Joint Chiefs|csscis}}
{{Joint Chiefs|cscart}}  {{Joint Chiefs|cscarta}}  {{Joint Chiefs|cscarts}}
{{Joint Chiefs|cssec}}   {{Joint Chiefs|csseca}}   {{Joint Chiefs|cssecs}}
{{Joint Chiefs|dst}}     {{Joint Chiefs|dsta}}     {{Joint Chiefs|dsts}}
{{Joint Chiefs|cotmc}}   {{Joint Chiefs|cotmca}}   {{Joint Chiefs|cotmcs}}
{{Joint Chiefs|cosc}}    {{Joint Chiefs|cosca}}    {{Joint Chiefs|coscs}}