Starfleet Marine Rank Comparison

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Warrant Officer and Academy Ranks are equivalent regardless of being Starfleet or Marine.

Flag and Officer

Title Rank Rank Title
Fleet Admiral "Fleet Admiral" -- --
Admiral "Admiral" "General" General
Vice Admiral "Vice Admiral" "Lieutenant General" Lieutenant General
Rear Admiral "Rear Admiral" "Major General" Major General
Commodore "Commodore" "Brigadier General" Brigadier General
Fleet Captain "Fleet Captain" -- --
Captain "Captain" "Colonel" Colonel
Commander "Commander" "Lieutenant Colonel" Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Commander "Lieutenant Commander" "Major" Major
Lieutenant "Lieutenant" "Captain" Captain
Lieutenant Junior Grade "Lieutenant Junior Grade" "1st Lieutenant" First Lieutenant
Ensign "Ensign" "2nd Lieutenant" 2nd Lieutenant


Title Rank Rank Title
Master Chief Petty Officer "Master Chief Petty Officer" "Sergeant Major" Sergeant Major
Senior Chief Petty Officer "Senior Chief Petty Officer" "Master Sergeant" Master Sergeant
Chief Petty Officer "Chief Petty Officer" "Gunnery Sergeant" Gunnery Sergeant
Petty Officer 1st Class "Petty Officer 1st Class" "Staff Sergeant" Staff Sergeant
Petty Officer 2nd Class "Petty Officer 2nd Class" "Sergeant" Sergeant
Petty Officer 3rd Class "Petty Officer 3rd Class" "Corporal" Corporal
Crewman "Crewman" "Lance Corporal" Lance Corporal
Crewman Apprentice "Crewman Apprentice" "Private First Class" Private 1st Class
Crewman Recruit "Crewman Recruit" "Private" Private