Security and Tactical Positions (USS Skarsgård)

Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Officer QTY: 1 The Chief Security Officer is called Chief of Security. Her/his duty is to ensure the safety of ship and crew. Some take it as their personal duty to protect the Commanding Officer/Executive Officer on away teams. She/he is also responsible for people under arrest and the safety of guests, liked or not. S/he also is a department head and a member of the senior staff, responsible for all the crew members in her/his department and duty rosters. Security could be called the 24th century police force.
Assistant Chief Security Officer
Officer QTY: 1 The Assistant Chief Security Officer is sometimes called Deputy of Security. S/he assists the Chief of Security in the daily work; in issues regarding Security and any administrative matters. If required the Deputy must be able to take command of the Security department.
Security Officer
Enlisted QTY: 12 There are several Security Officers aboard each vessel. They are assigned to their duties by the Chief of Security and his/her Deputy and mostly guard sensitive areas, protect people, patrol, and handle other threats to the Federation.
Enlisted QTY: 2 The Master-at-Arms trains and supervises Security crewmen in departmental operations, repairs, and protocols; maintains duty assignments for all Security personnel; supervises weapons locker access and firearm deployment; and is qualified to temporarily act as Chief of Security if so ordered. The Master-at-Arms reports to the Chief of Security.
Phaser Specialist
Enlisted QTY: 3
Torpedo Specialist
Enlisted QTY: 3