Deck Listing (USS Skarsgård)

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To view more information, please view the Skarsgård Tour.

USS Skarsgård Deck Listing

Deck 1

Deck 2

Deck 3

Deck 4

  • Sickbay, Shuttlebay, Torpedo Launcher
  • Living: Crew Quarters
  • Utility: Computer Core Access

Deck 5

  • Warp Core
  • Utility Docking Ports

Deck 6

  • Warp Core
  • Living Crew Quarters

Deck 7

  • Main Engineering, Warp Core, Torpedo Launchers,
  • Living Crew Quarters
  • Utility Main Deflector, Tractor Beam Emitters

Deck 8

  • Warp Core
  • Utility Antimatter Storage, Landing Struts, Boarding Ramp
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