Crew (USS Magellan)

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Name Position Security Code Clearance Level Personal Clearance
Capt. Anjad Terax Commanding Officer Terax-1-9-8-7-Blue ALPHA-TWO Level 10
Lt. Cmdr Timothy Parker Executive Officer ALPHA-TWO Level 9
Lt. Cmdr. William Harris Jr Chief Engineering Officer ALPHA-ONE Level 7
Maj. Kachiki Bayushi Medical Officer Officer BETA-ONE Level 7
Lt. Minna Chang Chief Security/Tactical Officer ALPHA-ONE Level 6
Lt. Tobias Nutley 3rd Chief Medical Officer ALPHA-ONE Level 6
USS Magellan (Galaxy Class)
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Support Craft Type 8 Shuttle: Reynolds • Butcher • Novak • Grant
Type 9 Shuttle: Kloos • Rothfus • Stross • Gibson
Type 11 Shuttle Hillary • Dampier • Drake • Engel • Frémont • de Gerlache
Type 15 Shuttlepod Cayley • de Gusmão • Hussenot • Pearse • Truly • Sikorsky
Danube Class: USS Tongariro • USS Manawatu
Fighters: 8 x Gryphon Class