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Basic information
Major Species:
  • Khrenal
  • Azulren
  • Erganites


Official Language:


Political Information

esh'Wara jata'Zhe
[The Council of Ministers]



Military Branches:





Main article: Azulren

The Azulren are a species descended from primates on the planet Azuphria in the Khrexani system. They were the first species to attain sentience in the system. They have mainly round shaped heads and sturdy jaw lines. They have two arms and two legs. Being descended from primates their two arms are slightly longer than it looks like they should be, and they could be just as comfortable walking on their arms and legs, like a monkey from Earth would walk.

They have average sized mouths for their heads, and their nose is somewhat squished against their faces.

They have small, flattened ridges on their faces, and a pattern that goes around the eyes. They also have horned ridges that go from above their eyes to the base of their neck. Their two eyes are reflective and they have strong eyesight both in daylight and nighttime. They can see details in things that most species would miss.

Their skin is covered in very tiny hairs, which are almost invisible unless you are within a few centimeters of them. Their ears go towards the back of their head and their hearing is almost perfect. Their skin colours range from pink to orange.

Azulren are a unique species and it is the Azulren males that become pregnant with their young. Because they evolved from a primate that lived almost exclusively in trees, they often build their homes high above the ground.

Both Azulren adult males and females can grow to between 125 cm and 180 cm tall.


Main article: Erganites

The Erganites are a evolved from a reptilian race on Erinax. They have oval shapes heads and sturdy jaw lines. While the females have slightly thinner heads they still have quite thick jaws. They have two arms and two legs, with remnants of what was once a tail. They have somewhat pointy chins, which with their wide mouths contribute to their look as a hunter.

Their faces are dominated by their large features. Their noses are wide and flat, and they have around 2.5 million olfactory receptors in them. Their two eye are slit vertically and are larger than most species. They can focus at both short and long distances. They are diurnal creatures, with their vision being more adapted to daylight conditions.

Their skin is strong, covered in thick scales. Their scale colors are between light grey and dark purple, which tend to become lighter as they age. The nature of their skin means they are hairless. Erganites also shed their skin every 6-8 months. They will often the skins the night after they completely shed them, in what's called nara’esh, which translates to ‘The Burn’.

Being a reptilian race, the Erganite species reproduce via eggs. Once fertilised, an Erganite egg is put in a special area in their home containing a small pool. It sits there for around 12 months, before hatching. Once it hatches the Erganite youth, or pane’, remain in the room with pool for their first 10 months of growth. They are, at this point, quadrupeds. It is during this initial year that they first begin to walk on just two legs. During this phase, their legs continue to grow at a faster rate than the rest of their bodies, enabling them to learn to use only 2 legs more gradually. They also have a horn like bone on the sides of their heads. They usually get their first bone growth within their 4th or 5th year. It starts off below their eyes, and then gradually grows around the eyes then through the back of the head.

An Erganite adult male can grow to between 165 cm and 225 cm tall, while females can reach between 150 cm and 200 cm tall.


Main article: Khrenal

The Khrenal evolved on the planet Krexani, in the same system as the Azulren. They attained sentience after the Azulren, who achieved interplanetary travel at least 2 centuries before the Khrenal. The Azulren are a species descended from primates on the planet Azuphria in the Khrexani system. They were the first species to attain sentience in the system. They have quite oblong shaped heads.

They have average sized mouths for their heads, and their noses are quite flat, but wide.

They have a small, flattened ridge on their faces that goes up from their nose and across their foreheads. Like the Azulren, they have horned ridges that go from above their eyes presumably because the various species within the Khrexani system evolved from the same ancestors. Also like the Azulren their eyes are reflective. However, they are more suited to low light, meaning a Khrenal buildings are likely more likely to have tinted windows, and have more subdued lighting.

Their skin is hairless, with the exception of the Khrenal male, who has hair that grows from midway through the scalp down the back of the head. Their ears stretch from almost the base of their jaw, right to the same level as their eyes, and can go higher. Their hearing is phenomenal. Their skin colours range from pink to a silvery grey.

Both Khrenal adult males and females can grow to between 145 cm and 190 cm tall.


The Khrenal and the Azulren share the most physiological traits, presumably because they are two sentient species from the same solar system, where they have evolved from some long distant ancestor. They can both perform well in both light and dark environments, however the Khrenal prefer to work in darker environments. Both Khrenal and Azulren blood is iron based, and is a dark red colour.

Khrenal and Azulren have two sexes. The female Khrenal is fertile once every 56 days. This gives them somewhat of a low annual birth figure. One key difference between them both is that it is the Azulren males that become pregnant. Because their DNA structures are quite similar, they can crossbreed without any medical intervention.

Azulren, though not to the extent of Vulcans, tend to suppress a lot of their emotion. They, ulike Vulcans, still experience them as many humanoids to. However when they work they tend to suppress the more volatile emotions and focus on their specific endeavors in an emotionally neutral state. This is one of the reasons that Azulren scientists are as brilliant as they are, because they work with little to zero emotion.

The Erganites, being a species that evolved in another solar system, has some different traits. They are naturally more aggressive. Their hands and fingers are particularly thick, and quite strong. The bone structure on their heads also gives them a substantially stronger skull bone to most creatures, with the exception of perhaps the Klingons. The tips of these horns can be used as a weapon. This, in conjunction with their thick scaly skin, makes them a formidable opponent, who could easily hold their own against a Klingon. This is one of the reasons they make up a bulk of the Wi’u’Kai military.


Khrexani System


Khrexani is in the Khrexani system, and is the not only the evolutionary birthplace of the Khrenal, but also the homeworld of the Wi’u’Kai. Their government is run from the jata’Keshtu, which is in the city of jaj’Khrexa. One of the moons is also designated as a prison facility, also run by the waru’Ete.


Azuphria is the evolutionary birthplace of the Azulren. Many of the Wi’u’Kai scientific breakthroughs are made on Azuphria. While a large portion of the research facilities are on this planet, they are staffed by both Khrelan and Azulren.

Erinax System


Erinax is the homeworld of the Erganites. A large portion of military training facilities of the Wi’u’Kai are located both on Erinax and it's orbiting moons. There also some ship building facilities in orbit.


There is a ship building facility both on the planet Surilia and also above in orbit. The ground facility also houses one of the many prison colonies, for those deemed unfit for Ravager society and also any prisoners taken by the Ravagers on their travels throughout the Expanse. This facility contains about 40,000 Ravagers, mainly made up of Erganites, and around 3000 prisoners a majority are Ravager species, but there are around 400-600 from various other races.



While there are some Ravager ship designs that are unique to the Ravagers, a large percentage of their fleet is made up of ships made of scavenged materials. Sometimes a Ravager Captain would find a derelict, and take what he can, basically combining the two. This is the reason that some Ravager Starships have multiple distinctive hull types. This allows the Captains of these ships and almost unlimited amount of customisation.

Some specific examples include a ship encountered by the USS Pandora, where it had a hydraulic claw attached to its hull to facilitate boarding.

Their ship building facilities are located mainly on the moons orbiting Khrexani and Erinax. Because of the scavenger nature of the Ravagers, these facilities often have hundreds of kilometers of storage space, containing all the raw materials that they find, to build their ships from.

There is also a ship building facility both on the planet and orbiting Alrakis. The ground facility also doubles as a prison colony, for the dregs of Ravager society and also any prisoners taken by the Ravagers on their travels throughout the Expanse. This facility contains about 40,000 Ravagers, mainly made up of Erganites, and around 3000 prisoners a majority are Ravager species, but there are around 400 from various other races.

From time to time they will also purchase smaller vessels, shuttles, small ships etc from the likes of the Orion Syndicate.



Their military, the zhu’Ete comprises of an unknown number of ships, though conservative estimates are at least 550-600. Each ship is commanded by a ship master, called the zori’Dasha. Most ships comprise of all 3 species, though some ships, often specialist ships, are crewed by a majority or totally one race. A ship which emphasises in the sciences might be mostly, if not all, Azulren. By contrast, a ship that is meeting another race officially would likely be crewed by Khrenal. The zhu’Ete is commanded by the zori'Zhu, which loosely translates to Master Defense.


Where one Wi’u’Kai ship has been spotted, there are usually more just outside of sensor range. While not the strongest ships to begin with, they more than make up for any weakness in numbers. A group of 18-20 of these ships could easily overwhelm a Galaxy class ship. For this reason most battles are fought using swarm tactics, simply overwhelming the ship on the receiving end.


Seat of Government

jata’Keshtu is the seat of government for the Wi’u’Kai. It is located in a city jaj’Khrexa, in the northern hemisphere.

Head of Government

The head of Government is known as the du’Jata. The du’Jata is the leader of the esh’Wara jata’Zhe. This position is more literally translated to ‘head minister’. While the du’Jata answers to the council they also have some autonomy and can make decisions without permission from esh’Wara jata’Zhe. The current head is du'Jata'Iggo Jaecuin Girgu.

esh’Wara jata'Zhe

The esh’Wara jata'Zhe is the leading council of the Wi’u’Kai. It loosely translates to Council of Ministers, which is because it is made up of equal numbers of Khrenal, Azulren and Erganites. This council is somewhat totalitarian in nature. Though the du’Jata can and does make decisions for the council there have, however, been times when the Council has overruled a decision, though this is rare. If the entire council votes to overrule a decision, the du’Jata usually accepts this. If the attempts to overrule come from just one or two members of the council, those members would be promptly replaced.


The waru’Ete are both the intelligence gathering organisation and the secret police of the esh’Wara jata’Zhe. They enforce the laws from the council, including taking people from their families, who have been deemed not fit for society. They also run the various prisons, or nugosh, throughout Wi’u’Kai society.


The zha’Ua are a group of Wi’u’Kai that are outcasts of society, that escaped the waru’Ete. There are rumoured to be no more than 10,000, made up of Khrenal, Azulren and Erganites. They have some ships, but a majority live on various asteroids or hidden planetoids, throughout the Inconnu Expanse. They reject everything about the Wi’u’Kai and standing orders from the esh’Wara jata’Zhe are to kill on site. They are extremely xenophobic, more so than the Wi’u’Kai and avoid or attack anyone not of zha’Ua.


While the Khrenal were still a pre-warp industrial, the Azulren where already at an advanced level of society. Azuphria, the homeworld of the Azulren, being dominated by towering trees, often reaching more than 3 or 4 kilometers into the sky, the Azulren always had their eyes pointed up. Their cities were often built across some of these massive forests. The forest floor, while not completely devoid of life, was often considered completely dead. In areas where there were no trees, there was often huge swathes of grasses, where some Azulren also lived. When they achieved the level of space travel, though pre-warp, they began to search their solar system for signs of life.

The first planet they discovered was Segama. They had not yet reached Warp capability, so this short hop within the system took them around 8 months to complete.